Behind Green Glass

“Perched in the maple outdoors she saw a figure, human in shape, animal-like in posture. A smooth expanse of bare muscled chest, light tangled hair, glowing irises. The glass slipped from her fingers…”

Immortal but imperfect. There are those who have been left out of the fairytales.

When painfully shy Isolde moves into an old farmhouse in the countryside, she imagines what little social life she has is about to disappear. Instead of solitude, however, she is haunted by a ghostly presence. A shard of green glass reveals Lyric, one of a band of ethereally beautiful creatures known as The Forgotten Ones. Labeled imperfect for their physical and mental differences, The Forgotten Ones have been cast out of their native realm. Isolde’s friendship with Lyric and The Forgotten Ones teaches her that sometimes our “imperfections” can also be our greatest strengths.

Midwest Book Review“Nobody’s perfect, and the closest to perfection one can be is to deal with those imperfections. “Behind Green Glass” is the tale of Isolde and her strange new friend Lyric. In a realm of fairies, the two learn much about themselves and the world around them as author Amanda Von Hoffmann gives young readers an encouraging novel about facing one’s imperfections. ‘Behind Green Glass’ is uplifting and highly recommended.”

YA Reads:Behind Green Glass is debut novel from Amanda Von Hoffmann and is a light and easy read with an engaging and captivating story.”

 Flamingnet New Book Reviews, Reviewer Age:13:Behind Green Glass is a book that will forever keep you on your toes; there was never a moment when I wanted to put it down. Even though other YA books have used faeries in their stories, Von Hoffman has added a twist to the basics of fey lore, the Forgotten Ones. This book has definitely made it to the top of my list for fantasy novels.”

Curlypow @ The Paperback Princesses“I picked up Behind Green Glass meaning to read for a short while. Three hours later I closed the book and thought, “I really enjoyed that”. It is a wonderful fairy story with an underlying message that we should all be aware of. Just because someone is different, doesn’t make them any less a person than anyone else, whether they be human or fairy. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.”

YA Booklover Blog:“This book was very easy to get sucked into. The descriptions of the fairy world were amazing, and I felt like I was with Isolde as she learned to be less shy and make friends of her own.”

 I ❤ Reading“I can’t begin to explain to you how much I liked Isolde. Right when I was so fed up with always having to read books about feisty, fiery and stubborn heroines…in walks Isolde. Such a refreshing change from the usual: so innocent and kind, and yet so strong and determined. It’s been a while since a character has managed to surprise me in such a nice way like Isolde did. For one, she was an actual human being, with all sorts of contradictory emotions, a desire to be someone else than who she really is, and all the insecurities normal human beings feel. She reminded me a lot of myself when I was that age, and it was pleasant to see that not all fantasy heroines need the same generic personality to accomplish things, and kindness can get you a long way as well.”

The Subtle Chronicler“Behind Green Glass is not just about the adventure… It is about lessons. Amanda Von Hoffmann does an amazing job at making these two different creatures learn from each other. Isolde, who is shy and non-risk taking, soon learns that she must live for herself when she meets a boy in her new town. And Lyric, who lived life full of sadness and loneliness, must learn that he can make everything around him alive including himself.”

Jagged Edge Reviews“The book is amazing. Not what I expected…. just as wonderful as the Iron Fey series. I secretly hope this will be a series. ;)”


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