Writing On Wednesday 2.16.11

Writing on Wednesday is a weekly meme created at Bookish Ardour. Visit to join the conversation with other writers.

This week’s question:

Writing Stereotypes: Have you been subjected to them? What do you find are the most common you’ve been subjected to and what ones have you heard of?

One of the most common stereotypes about writers is that writers are reclusive, hidden away in a garrets, scribbling by candlelight. I sort of wish I had a desk in a garret some days! I can be reclusive, but time alone is a luxury for me. These days, many writers do a lot of networking and presenting. The writer in the garret is an image from the past.

Here are some other stereotypes about writers and writing that I’ve encountered:

  • Writers are spelling wizards. I’m not a terrible speller, but I make good use of spell check. I’m spoiled by modern technology.
  • If you aren’t published by Random House, you self-published. There are many smaller presses out there that publish and pay authors for their work.  These presses are more likely to publish a first time author. My first novel was published by a smaller company in Florida.
  • We write because we are tortured. Well, I don’t think that I am quite right in the head, but outwardly I live a fairly normal life. Writing is very cathartic.



One thought on “Writing On Wednesday 2.16.11

  1. Intriguing meme…I’ll have to check it out.

    I’m one of those writers who wanted to be one from a young age, but knew I needed to be able to support myself and then later, my kids. I also wanted to have real life experiences first. So I came to the actual writing/publishing arena after my career as a social worker (three decades worth!).

    Obviously I’m not a recluse, although sometimes I enjoy time alone more than I like interacting socially—except when I do. But I do love to network on the web. This is the perfect solution for me—a way to communicate without actually leaving my “writing desk,” which, of course, is my computer.

    When I get out of my home and my office, I often feel as though I’m connecting with others in order to research characters and plots…Yes, it’s a curse! But I love it….

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