Faerie Game Daydream

I just completed the main storyline in this game:

Fable 3 had its shortcomings, but there were a lot less glitches than in Fable 2. I love these games primarily for their atmosphere. In Fable 3, the world became more steampunk. There are still swords, magic and royality, but there are also guns, factories and slums. I  have quite a few side quests left to complete, so I am not ready to leave this fantasy world yet.

Sometimes games pull me away from writing, but they also inspire me. A lot of imagination goes into the development of the big games. (I hear Skyrim, Oblivion V, is being released 11/1/11).

Today, I started daydreaming about a game set in Faerie, not a glittery happy world, but a darkly beautiful one that has cities like Alvarien, the fey city in Behind Green Glass. I’d also love to play through an urban fantasy world with characters reminiscent of Melissa Marr or Holly Black’s faeries.

Now I need to get back to writing…


One thought on “Faerie Game Daydream

  1. Thanks for linking up with us today for the Thursday’s Friends Cafe. We love making new friends!

    My hubby loves this game! He was sick on Thanksgiving which was his birthday and he received F3. He played all weekend and completed. He is now going back and doing it again, just differently I guess…lol! 🙂

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