May is wonderful for many reasons:

  • May 1st is the official publication date of Behind Green Glass. Yesterday I brought a few copies to the St. Lawrence Arts Council gift shop. They have so many clever creations by local artists!
  • The ice cream shop next to my library has opened for the summer.
  • Theoretically, I will be able to plant my garden soon. (So far, there still have been nightly frost warnings in the North Country). This year I am growing: zucchini, Roma tomatoes, cilantro,  peas,  wax beans and strawberries.
  • Isabel Allende has a new novel, Island Beneath the Sea.  Reading this novel has been a strange experience. Within the pages, Haiti’s 18th century Revolution is occurring—incredibly dark times. When I set the book down, I see all the loveliness of spring—green in every shade, the vanilla and pink blossoms of the crab apple and cherry trees.  I feel  fortunate to be so far removed from the story that Allende tells in this novel.  I am astounded and inspired by Allende’s vivid prose once again.
  • Summer, my favorite season, is just around the corner. Soon I’ll have sandy toes from the beach, bratwurst and fried bread dough at the summer festival, camping at a friend’s wedding, fairs and amusement parks to visit.  I can’t wait.

One thought on “May

  1. Hey Amanda, I tried to leave a comment on your about me page- it wouldn’t pop up…

    I live in Central NY and before I started working at home I worked at my public library- we may have talked by phone or something- we are part of the North Country library system and would request books from different libraries there.

    Anyhoo, found you on CafeMom..

    Nice to meet you!

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